Lunar Calendar

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The First Moon Day

The Action: thought

The Symbol: a lamp, a lantern, light

This is a day of creative thinking.

But you should not start any new things today. It is better to just plan them. A contact with nature, as well as getting advice from books, your relatives and freidns produces the best effect for you. What we have planned during this day may subsequently be successfully implemented without any effort. This is a magical day, wehn we can create images in our minds or such mental forms that will take physical shape in the future. It is not really wise to think aboout «wrong things» on this day: thus we can create a reality which may cause us troubles. This is a very clean day. Any overload is dangerous, as well as any risky endeavours or any ambitious plans. The likelihood of their implementation is quite low. Illusions, self-deception and day-dreaming, as well as lust often catch many people's minds. Indulgence, wrong actions, frauds can harm businesses, affect your plans and cause losses of the new moon which has just started.

Everyday influence: neutral, bad for traveling and trade.

Mystical influence: images and thoughts, originated on that moon day are very firm and create persistant determination. This is the day for crative ideas and making plans.

Social influence: slightly negative. You should enroll in a partnership, do not strive to get in contact or communication. You are not advised to take any important initiatives and it is better to put aside the current activities.

Medically wise, the first moon day is connected to brain and facial part of head: don't get too tired today, do not consume alcohol, do not eat spicy or very hot food. A biological potential is not at its best today, causing high probability of acute conditions. The illenesses of that day are long-standing, but the patient will recover. Acute conditions of lithiases are quite often, with obstructions. Claustrophobia recrudesces.

People, born on the first moon day, always expect something great to happen; they can spend all their lives waiting for the «hour of triumph» and never getting it. Sometimes they fly by the inspiration — and they accomplish a feat: they have to get involved in activities in an unecpected and bright way. They are heroes.

Influence on conception: a child, who had been convieved on that day, is protected by Heaven. The people have strong will, long and interesting lives. A boy may become a priest. However, long spiritual and physical fasting is required to prepare for this day of conception.

Physiologically wise this is a hard day, which makes inner organs more dense. If you do not folllow recomendations, the energy will be thrown to the inner organs, which may cause forming calculi. As long as the illness is not there yet, you should not let it appear and unfold.

On the first moon day you may wear diamonds and clear quartz, but be cautious — diamonds do not fit everyone.

Meditations: a candle.
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