Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<9th lunar day. The bat. Anxieties, illusions and bad news. Bad (satanic) day
The 10th Moon Day

The Action: Victory

The Symbol — a source of water, a fountain. Fountain is connected with energy, that fills in a person, reminding of a spiritual independence.

The day is connected with approaching the own tradition, deepening one's vision, connecting to one's carmic memories. You may access secret knowledge on that day. Sometimes people start doing something without being aware of it.

Social influence: quite positive, especially for family activities. Positive for new beginnings. You are not recommended to break up with anyone, especially when it concerns business.

A positive period which allows to reshape any activity and create both individually and collectively. Professional success, romantic relashinships and spiritual search — all quite effective. You can start any new things, make and fulfill any plans, fix any appointments, because the most of people are prepared to move towards new paths and partners.

A family day. It is good to be with your close ones, relax, invite relatives to visit. Positive for building or repairing a house. Successful for trade and purchases. Travelling is not recommended. The best day for bath and sauna.

Mystical influence: the day of spiritual independence, but not loneliness. Studying family traditions will be very productive. You are recommended to look for your higher purpose by investigating on your family history. Revelations are quite frequent.
You are recommended to meditate over your carma and the carma of your family in order to comprehend your past and your present. You should emagine what you can support your future with and the path you're moving towards. Contemplations over your family tree, meditations in front of your ancestors' pictures should be combined with strengthening your house and family. A good day for starting construction works.
A day for taking a rest. This is the best day for a steam bath.
Medical influence: all deseased people feel much better today, even incurable ones. You should not fast.

People, born on this day, become popular and travel a lot. They are supposed to work with mysticism and their subconsciuosness.
They obtain new sources of energy for themselves. They are often approched by others for help because they've got a massive source of power. Those of themm who take a lower path — selfish, superficial, often suffer with cancer, the men aquire prostate deseases.

People, conceived on that day, will be connected to their ancestors, the carma of his or her motherland and the country. They will get a support from spirits and ancestors. They will travel a lot.

Gems — amber, chrysolite, sardonyx.
Meditations — family tree.
>>11th lunar day. The crown. Strong energy, be careful