Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<10th lunar day. Fountain. Active rest, good to start construction of the house
The 11th Moon day

The Action: professionalism.

The symbol — a fire sword, a crown, a spine. The occult symbol — a labyrinth, where a person is supposed to win over his or her own minotaur.

Social influence: not very favorable, sudden splashes of one's mind and body power. Do not engage in an unfamiliar activity.

Everyday influence: do not start any big things — this may result in losses. A bad day for trade and any activity, which may potentially cause traumas. A good day for travelling, moving and finishing things.

Mystical influence: the day of uncontrolled power. Neophites are not supposed to do or practice anything. You can focus on your body — go for a walk, do flexibility and power exercises. Be very careful with insects today. You should be very careful and attentive in anything you do today. You can practice some cleansing treatments, in particular, you can clean your astral body, pray and do magic. But you are required to get prepared for it very thoroughly.
If a person doesn't have enough knowledge or is not clean enough, he or she should not do any serious practices today. The people, who do not practice on a daily basis, are not supposed to get overloaded. They shouldn't take any sharp things, not even cut bread today. You should not stop any activities you'd started before. You should bring everything to its end. However, for people with enough experience this is one of the best moon days, because is brings an opportunity to materialize all positive things, which appeared in the beginning of the moon month or on its happy days. At the same time, negative influences of all preceeding hard periods are neutralized. Therefore, any thoughtful actions and achievements have all the chances for success. A life power, vitality, sexual potential and charm increase a lot. Dropping knives, forks are the signs of danger. Do not contact insects (do not kill them).

Medical influence: the day is way too unpredictable. A lot of miracles may happen. A bad day for heavy manipulations over an ill person. The illnesses of the day are dangerous mostly for women.

People, born on that day, carry a secret of occult power within them, which is often bad for them. Animals do not like them, but insects are always nearby. They've got a lot of talents.
They are strong, extremely unpredictable, and often get into accidents. They are often biten by dogs, wasps and even cows. The 11th Moon Day is good to start fasting on.

The best day for conceiving a boy., The baby will posses an unusual natural power. He or she will be an active fighter. he will have the capacities of a magician.

Gems — fire opal, hematite, sardius.
Meditations: Fire. Inner body processes.
>>12th lunar day. The heart. Show mercy and compassion