Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<11th lunar day. The crown. Strong energy, be careful
The 12th Moon Day

The action: Prayer.

The symbol — a bowl, heart (the Holy Grail).

Social influence: kind and peaceful. The day of mercy and compassion, connection to cosmic love energy. This is one of the days when prayers come true. Getting revelations on this day is a positive sign.

Everyday influence: a bad day for trade, getting profits, gambling, etc. A very peaseful and wise day. A good day for gardening.

This is the period of visual astral images, focusing on water, purification of thoughts. The day of the victory of visdom over mind and feelings, the day of tranquillization, the greateness of spirit. A good day for giving gifts, do charity, especially if you are asked for it. The one, who is not merciful on this day, will be deporived on the mercy from others. The genuity of your intentions and plans is checked today. You are likely to be taking a true grit exam. Your honesty and endurance is also being checked. Disputes and conflicts, showing any fickleness, require from you to be mobile and be able to reach compromise. At the same time, your sensuality and emotionality grows. Sexual contacts, love relationships may turn into arguments, offenses or unfulfilled desires.

Mystical influence: The day of compassion and mercy, giving gifts, charity, etc. You shouldn't be angry, have arguments. The day of solitude, peace, love to all people around. A good day for worknig with liquids, drinking a lot of water. You are not supposed to cry, though.

Medical influence: the deseases often get fatal because of breaking water balance. Treatmeng with juices is recommended.
Try to avoid rough food, but drink a lot of water. Juices are recommended (except apple juice). The day of cleansing upper airway, heart and lungs. A good day for taking expectorants. You are not supposed to overloead your heart.
A bad sign of the day — breaking dishes, spilled liquids. This is the sign of suffering and loneliness.

People, born on that day, are merciful and kind.

Peoplem, conceived on that day, will drink the bowl of suffering to the bottom. They will be eother very unhappy, or, on the contrary, they will be purified when they go through a lot of suffering. They will have strong intuition, healing gift. Some boys may become monks.

Gems — lazurite, yellow coral, the mother of perl, pink perl.
Meditations — water
>>13th lunar day. The ring. Take care of yourself, it is easy to free yourself from the burden of the past. Good day