Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<12th lunar day. The heart. Show mercy and compassion

Symbol is the wheel of dragon (dragon biting his brush) with swastika inside. Swastika is “mirrorloke”: it rotates clockwise quasi, cum sole , with the sun (swastika’s symbol - sun). Swastika symbolizes movement, in the first instance movement of blood, of bowel motility, circulation of energy chi (prana) on channels of our body.

The first half of lunar day is very unfavorable, because of keeping a number of preceding 24-hours day’s negative trends. If however a man has passed novitiate on arrogance and selfness. than appear new opportunities concerned strengthening his aura , his influence on those around him. Due to this in the second half of lunar day appear new positive opportunities for developing creative activity. Capacities for end of intended purpose and competence to bring partners round to get intended at minimum expense increase.

Household power: It’s good time for study, for cooking, baking bread. It’s not bad for accumulation, purchase, producing of household things. It’s bad time for big deals and travel.

Mystic power : Magical day. Number 13 corresponds star sign Gemini (1+3=4 – Mercury heads this star sign . By the way the 13 zodiacal constellation of Serpent Bearer- is constellation of magicians). This day is the day of storage information, of making round talismans, spinning of treads, organization of contacts, study, consult, correction of backround, working with karma.

Period is good for contacts in group, for learning. In this day it is necessary to oven bread.
Medical power: Sicknesses are dangerous, but in this day uptake and work medicines, cosmetic products (for example – beet with sour cream), are going anti-aging processes. It is needed to load stomach.
Influence upon new born : Ideal learners are born. Mystics.

A person, who was brought in this day – is dragon biting its brush- this is person, who work with time, who comes in touch with other world.

Influence on impregnation: Good luck or misfortune will essential to the life of child.Intrigues of fortune and karma rules will appear always and fully. Life will long. Depending on circumstances will person free or fully dependant.  

Meditations: Swastika cum sole.

Signatures. The noble opal

Stone- The noble opal
>>14th lunar day. The pipe. Good for new undertakings, less liquids. Good day