Lunar Calendar

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<<13th lunar day. The ring. Take care of yourself, it is easy to free yourself from the burden of the past. Good day
The 14th Moon Day

The Action: Challenge.

The Symbol — Trumpet.

This is the day of call. That's why it is symbolized by the trumpet. It is connected with using the sources of information.

Social influence: a very happy day for almost all activities, especially the important ones, global ones, long-term ones. Changing jobs may be successful. A bad day for courts and divorces. The litigation will be successful, but some unexpected outcomes may happen.
The first half of the moon day is positive and allows to come up with your offers to the new level. Your boss may point out your strive to improve the business or your creative efforts, which may result in new work prospectives, new partners, and also new relationships. Your family ties are getting stronger, as well as your parent-and-child relations. The other half of the day is not favorable, because you get into danger of being involved into unnecessary activities and problems. This may cause the waste of time, energy and power, as well as eating too much and neglecting your own health. There is a danger of exhausting your sexual energy.

A good day for travelling, commerce and gambling. The crimes of this day are solved. The positive influence of music is increasing.

Mystical influence: a very important day. A day of strength, a real action in the physical world. The day, when important phases of self-improvement start. A lot of activities are successful. It is recommended to work with information. You can pray, but not too eagerly. «Dry fasting» is good, because any liquid brings contamination on that day. You need to clean your sewer, through which you have to take out your waste. The best food for today is almond and salty products. You have to refrain from eating bitter and sweet food.
It is recommended to work with sacred texts. You can receive secret knowledge and open your third eye (if you intend to). You are not allowed to do any magic works, overload your eyes, use perfumes. The people with a weak Moon should not look to themselves in the mirror. Any physical work is healthy today. You should not forget that people often get sad and griefy today. A lot of suicides take place. People get paranoic. They may contact other worlds.

Medical influence: the ilnesses of today pass quickly and easily. You are recommended to cleanse your body from poisons and wastes. The minds are overloaded today. People experience rapid mood changes.

People, born today, are patroned by their destiny, but they have weak health. They are squeamish. The often get sad. They are enernal seekers of a big authority. They are very well adaptive, able to mask themselves. They are smart and cunning. They can inspire others with their ideas.

People, conceived today, won't loose the connection with the other world. Their ancestors will halp them. They will always hear the voice of conscience. Unclear grief and presentiment will be their all time companions. But some special forces will always protect them, even in critical moments and situations.

Meditations: Voice.

Gem: jacinth.
>>15th lunar day. The snake. Temptations, the control is weakened. Bad(satanic) day