Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<15th lunar day. The snake. Temptations, the control is weakened. Bad(satanic) day
The 16th Moon Day

The Action: Purification.

The Symbol — Psyche, butterfly, dove, «stairway to heaven», symbolizing a hard path of ascending, contemplation of an enormous power of imagination. This is the first day of the third phase of Moon. One of the pure days.

Full Moon. The day is generally positive, because aura of the most of people gets stronger. Thus, creative and spiritual people can fulfill a lot of their plans. Those who are not really active can feel overwhelming comsic energies, that can push them towards renovation, causing the state of dissatisfaction and even agression.

Social influence: a positive day for all peaseful activities, for planning and making reports and contacts.

A good day for cleaning. A day of justice, balance, harmony between astral and physical bodies. Any physical exercises are recommended today, especially those leading to harmony, which leads to irreversible processes, both physical and psychic ones. Any inappropriate behavious is considered to be absolutely negative today. You need to be calm in order not to break your inner comfort by any unnecessary actions, for the symbol of today is modesty. Anger, jealousy and agression, expressed today, lead to failures. Sex contacts are not recommended either.
The day of purification, consecration, developing programs for the future. You should practice peace in your soul, the harmony of mind, body and soul.
You are not recommended to consume animal food (except fish) and mushrooms. You should not kill birds.

Medical influence: physical exercises and cleansing treatments are recommended. The feeling of loneliness and dissatisfaction with the world get more acute. The day of blood rejuvenation. Blood deseases are the signs of spiritual dirt. Another indication to that is also dirt, clinging to your clothes.

People, born today, love white color and cleanness. They tend to like blue and silver colors. They are neatniks in a positive sense. They are dreamers. Their lives are normally fruitful. They do not judge others. At the first stage of their spiritual path they do not hear anything. At the second and the third one they get to understand the language of plants and animals. These people work with time — they alter the past.

The person of that day can easily build a phantom. He or she is an innocent dreamer.

Influence on conception: your baby will have a calm temper. He or she will love animals and plants, will strive at spitirual purity. A lot of people will seek for his or her advise. He or she will travel a lot. They will have a lot of changes in life, but the balance will prevail.

Meditations: white color.
Gems: spinel, tourmalin, charoit, emerald, perl (except black pearl).
>>17th lunar day. The bunch of grapes. A day of fun and love. Good day