Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<17th lunar day. The bunch of grapes. A day of fun and love. Good day
The 18th Moon Day

The Action: cleansing.

The symbol: monkey, an image of a sacred Egyptian baboon, that was consecrated to the Anubis; here also applies the Hanuman — a noble leader of monkeys in the Indian epic.

The first half of the day lacks harmony and has higher threat of agression and unexpected problems, poppin up «out of nowhere». Complications in businesses, contacts. One's narcissism, vanity and egoism can turn back from you reliable partners, bosses and colleagues. The second half of the day is more favorable and allows to solve problems through negotiations, making new plans and having new ideas. Diplomacy is very effective today. It may halp you solve the problems, which had had no solution before.

Social influence is dangerous.The feeling of subordination gets stronger. You may clearly feel your own and someone else's imperfection. You may be preoccupied with some feeling. A good day for those, who have acting talent.

A bad day for weddings. A good day for travelling.

Mystical influence: the day of mischief, intrigues, machinations. You should practice body and mind cleansing. The mimicry is strong today, as well as imitation, ability to trasnfigurate and change images. Do not plan anything, do not put on labels.
The day is connected with imitation, mimicry, passive following someone else's ideas. Everybody should work on his or her bad and dirty thoughts. You should develop an objective point of view and try to see yourself from a distance, refuse from illusions and basic instincs.

The following image illustrates the dynamics of this day: the reality is like a mirror of our inner being, our thoughts and actions. Everyone mirrors his or her own stuff: some see ugly things, some others see smooth and clean things. Someone elsee seems to have got a crack of the mirror in his or her eye and they start seeing everything in a very distorted manner. Thus, mirror shows us today what we have built up in ourselves.
Everybody needs to refuse from vanity and egoism. You are not recommended to smoke and booze. You are recommended to clean your intestine. A lot of spiritual teachers recommended fasting.

Pay attention to your kidneys: they are weaker today. You may get some skin diseases today. Old wounds may open up (you should be very careful with diagnostics and treatment). If something like that has happended, this means that the person has broken the law of cosmic evolution.
Skin treatments, massages, rejuvenation and cleansing treatments, steam baths are recommended. You should sleep less. Otherwise you will feel weakness all day. You are not recommended to consume meat. Give preferences to nuts. Eat more of vegetable oil (and use it for massage as well).

People with the gift of an actor are born today. They are mostly comics. They turn everything to be absurd. They see the world upside down. These are the people without the «inner rode». They may believe they are the Lord of Creation. If so, they life path will be misery and mean. They may get to be extremely cinic and devastating. Very often they get confused by their illusions and start punishing everyone.
High path people, i.e. those, who walk the high life path — are the type of a clear mirror. They may be played the mistery of Hanuman on. And the task of Hanuman is the service to a high idea. These are constructive personalities. They are capable to sacrifice themselves and they remain modest and invisible. They are healers.

A baby conceived today, may have health problems, but will be wealthy. He or she will be smart and hard working. They will be respected by others. The major thing is to prevent this person from feeling his or her greatness. Otherwise he will eventually break his illusions and end up being lonely.

Meditations: theatre.
Gems — white agate, opal, lilac amethyst, spinel.
>>19th lunar day. The spider. Vampires' day, don't get caught up in the spiderweb. Bad(satanic) day