Lunar Calendar

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The Second Moon Day

The Action: consumption.

The Symbol — jaws, mouth, the horn of abundance.

A diet produces healing effect on this day. Everyone is suggested, before the moonrise or in the morning, to do gastric lavage, drink a litre of slightly solted water with lemon, for those who got used to do it — take the yoga pose of Raven, then sit calmly and start slowly recalling the products you consume; if, when remembering something, you feel sick, that means that the product is harmful for you. You can also check your freinds in the same way: those who make you sick — are not your real friends.

Don't be angy on that day. On the contrary, nurture your generousity.

Social influence: bad for a close contact (only few selective contacts are positive), for a wedding and law litigations. You are not advised to argue. The first hald of the day is positive. However keep all the plans and ideas of this period to yourself. Otherwise the second half of the day may cancel all new ideas and improvements, and the fuss or unfulfilled obligations will delete emerging plans. The first half of this day is positive for contacts with bosses, for making requests and any social initiatives, but specific individual efforts are complicated.

Everyday influence: positive for travels, creative work, trade and learning.

Medical influence: if you got ill on that day, you'll recover quickly. Higher risk of parodontosis, other theeth disorders, tineas. Digestive system is affected. Higher risk of psychosomatic diseases.

Mystical influence: major area — physiology.
Diet of the day: if you get sick, you should refuse from the porduct which makes you feel so. Good day for taking herbs, cleansing (but not fasting). Do some exersices, but don't get overtired. It is hard to be aware of your greediness and generousity on that day.

People, born today, try to take in as much as possible. They strive at abundance, sometimes greedy, too tied to their environment and belongings. They are hard-working, smart, rarely make mistakes when analysing something. They never get overweight. Undeveloped personalities often have tendency to be invasive, greedy; they eat everything and are not really selective in the food they consume but never get overweight.

Influence of conception: a good day. It is especially good for conceiving a girl and continuing your family. The children are successful in their further lives and they are always protected by someone.

This day is good for starting physical exercises or getting a new big cycle of information. If you don't do it, this may turn into densing your physical body (calculi, salts), you may get a tooth ache, develop a parodontosis or tinea (if your natal Saturn is bad).

You should also pay attention on your mounth, teeth, roof of mouth.

The gems — jade, chalcedony, quartzy agate.
Meditations: consumption process.
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