Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<20th lunar day. The eagle. Day of the victory over yourself, go for it!
The 21st Moon Day

The Action: rise.

The symbol — a horse, herd of horses, a cart.

The time of a steady move forward and up; the day of braveness, voluntary sacrifice, refuse from ownership; the day of revolutionary reconstructions, perseverance, ability to achieve triumph. An active, creative day of sports achievements (better in running).

Mystical influence: the day of noble contests. The day of summaries, results of studies and professional trials. A bad day for hard and labour-intensive work. A bad day to be lonely on and to have arguments with someone. Military training is recommended, as well as spiritual conversations and bodywork. The day of justice and mystical punishment.
A day of astral warriors and knightship. It is recommended to vow for loyalty. You should try not to lie. You have to be totally clean and fair. Everybody is recommended to be active, to bunch «in herds» — all types of group work are positive. This is the day of firendship and making unions.
Baths, showers, affusions, cold water treatments are recommended. A good day for travelling. The best day to start a new job.

Social influence: impulses are strong. The feelings of generosity and justice get stronger, as well as sensing order. People are eager to change something or drastically solve existing problems. The day of brotherhood, sometimes in a «hobnob» style. A positive period, that allows to overcome the intrigues of opponents and ill-wishers. Trips, contacts and new activities can be very productive. You may get good offers, connected with extension of your business, new contacts, especially with foreigners, which allow to grow your profit. A good day for contacts with bosses, social and political leaders.

A good day for everything, especially for changing a job and getting married. A very positive day for travelling and seeing old friends and relatives, who live far away.

Medical influence: very positive, physical activity is recommended. A good day for phytotherapy, hygene, any cleansing. You can easily get rid of bad habits for the sake of your health.
The day is also connected with hematopoietic system, and with liver in particular; it is not recommended to load your liver. Danger from poisons and toxins. You should do blood-cleansisg treatment — drink herb tea, eat carrots, cranberries, beets, ashberries, pomgranates. You are recommended to do physical excercises, spend time outdoors.

People, born today, are Don Quixotes, sometimes, arrogant persons. They rarely have big mental capacities. In the best case they are noble knights, with the strong spirit, who protect justice.

Influence on conception: you may invite the soul of a fighter and a fanatic. Threats, but also diligence and patience will be the traits of your child, and also honour, feats and desire to be a knight. He or she may get the gift of poet.

Gems — pyrites, zircon, aventurine, obsidian.
Meditations: body parts, especially legs and feet.
>>22nd lunar day. The elephant. Day of wisdom. Good day