Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<23rd day of the moon. The crocodile. Aggression and violence, be careful
The 24th Moon Day

The Action: heavy tread.

The Symbol — Bear (Shiva). Moon goes up through the star constellation of Serpentarius and from Capricorn to Aquarius. This is the period of demolition of the old and creation of the new.

Mystical influence: awakening og strength. A very powerful day. A day for heavy excercising and hard work. The time for transformation of man's sexual power. A good day to start building your own temple.
The day is connected with awakening of the powers of nature. It is believed that you may receive a revelation or enormous power may awaken in you. If you son't know how to use it, you will pay for it. The day of implementation of a family damnation and shapeshifting.

Social influence: Don't push the people you talk to today. Rude jokes and cynicism are not recommended.

Not favorable period. Moods change frequently and various social transformations happen. Only honest and spiritually advanced people can get positivce results today. Relationships are uner threat. People get more ambitious and selfish. Any minor rudeness, showing power and auckwardness irritate others. Thus, you may get into conflicts with your bosses and partners. A bad day for travelling, idleness and sadness. A good day for new starts, especially for construction works and gardening.
The day is connected with construction: you may build houses, lay foundations, temples. Fundamental initiatives will eventually lead to active using resources.
The «bear» punishes rapists and sadists today.

Medical influence: this day often brings healing, but may give hardly curable desease, which is full of suffering. As a rule, an affected area is swallen or there is a hyperfunction.
The day of conquering a physical nature. You may take treatments, make medicines. Power physical excercises and yoga are recommended. A positive day for awakening and transformation of sexual energy; this is the day of worshipping all gods of fertility, the day of connection, conception. But you may not misuse sexual practice. Use this day to enhance your health and improve your spiritual level.

Today strong people are born. They are often «thoughtful», otherworldly, gifted in many areas.

Influence on conception: morality and awkwardness, big strength, crudity of a kind soul. A good appetite, love by others, but lng-term ilnesses may await your child. Spare him from laziness.

Gems — black jasper, airy pitch-stone, malachite, sky-blue axe-stone, grossularite.

Meditations: big constructions, nature.
>>25th lunar day. The turtle. Passivity and deliberation