Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<24th lunar day. The bear. The Foundation of new businesses, activness
The 25th Moon Day

The Action: imagination.

The symbol — turtle, shell, urn, a vessel for liquid, two vessels for life water and dead water.

A passive day. Suits well for contemplation. The period of loneliness, concentration and imagination. You can do healing fasting, work on improving your spirituality.

All people should clean themselves from waste, spiritual and physical one, listen to their inner voice; don't rush.

The first half of the day is unfavorable, because of the remaining negative tendencies of the previous day. Apathy and recrudescence of chronical deseases are possible today as residual effects of the previous drains of energy. Therefore, in the first half of the day it is better to do something by yourself and strengthen your health. However, the second half of the day is more favorable and allows to achieve your goals. Your intuition increases and you get supported by your bosses. Thus, you can rectify for the negative effects of the previous day and greatly improve your situation.
Be considerate and rational.

A bad day for weddings and travelling.

The people of the 25th day, even at the young age, think in a very mature way, like old people. They are wise, unhurried, even sleepy people, but able to transform. They aften have prophetic dreams.

Mystical influence: higher psychical power turns on. You can acheiev a lot today, if you practice contemplation, calmness, expectation and improve your sensitivity.

People, born today, get wise early. They are not in a hurry for anything, bu can do a lot. They contain eternal source of spiritual and mystical development. Prophets are often born today.

Influence on conception: the secret around their birth or unclear circumstances wil play big role in their lives. They will get protection and patronship. They have good intuition. They are not very sociable. Dangerous deseases and wisdom of an old person. The saying «the end justifies the means» should not become theirlife principle.

Gems — spars, tiger's eye, hawk's-eye (light and dark blue), cat's eye (green), prase, all petrifications — wood, coal; shells, bloodstone, pink marble.

Meditations: ideal human capacities.
>>26th lunar day. The toad. Do not swear, avoid spendings. Bad(satanic) day