Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<25th lunar day. The turtle. Passivity and deliberation
The 26th Moon Day

The Action: chatting.

The Symbol — a frod, swamp. A frog, like a snake simbolizes wisdom, but this wisdom doesn't bring any profit to a person, for he is falsely temptated by his own achievements.

This is one of the most critical and dangerous days, which makes people have arguments, hustle and bustle, waste a lot of energy for chatting. Today one can exhaust his or her energy. Therefore, all sacred texts contain the warning against the waste of energy.
Don't take any action today. Relax, be reasonable and rational in anything that requires the use of energy. This is the day of fasting.
You should strive at comprehending life, knowing of the people's worst, clearly see situations, taking off any sorts of masks. Otherwise you will be bullied. People will play jokes on you, showing hypocrisy and shallow materialism.

A bad day for any communitation. A good day for lawyers.

Mystical influence: a good day to work on texts and books. Avoid overpressure and working with unfaithful facts. A lot of people feel proud, then melancholic. You may work with these traits. It is easy to overspend your resources. So, do your work carefully.
The likelihood of robberies is very high today.
If you see a person with full bags on your way out of home, this is a signal that you walk the right path for you. However, if you see a lightning in your dream or reality — this will tell you that your pride and vality are still there.
People, born today, are supposed to keep silent all their lives, make vows, promises and fulfill them. They have hard life. They are very proud.

Influence on conception: the people will get rich. They will achieve a lot and will be famous. But they will have to pay the price.

Gems — ratebane, yellow axe stone, jadeite, chrysoprase.
Meditations: lightning, silence.
>>27th lunar day. Trident. Intuition and discoveries, water procedures, be careful in outdoor water