Lunar Calendar

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<<26th lunar day. The toad. Do not swear, avoid spendings. Bad(satanic) day
The 27th Moon Day

The Action: search.

The Symbol — trident, rode.
The day of Neptune, when all its misteries unfold. It is connected with water and sea travels. This is also the day of obtaining secret knowledge.

Mystical influence: the day of getting secret knowledge and capacities. Avoid looking into a mirror.
A good day for meditation, for you may get powerful insights today.

A good day for sea travels. The first half of the moon day is favorable and allows you to have a fresh look at the old problems.
Therefore, it is better to abstain from new undertakings and try to get the maximum of the old things. Unexpected positive news may be brought by old partners and friends. Old agreements may be given new senses and they may bring new energies. The second half of the day is unfavorable and can cause the loss of energy as a result of negative influence of enviers and competitors. The conflicts with older relatives may be more accute because of emotional stresses. It is dangerous to sign new documents today, to start new things, to take risks and drive fast.

People, born today, live in a permanent state of changes and fluctuations. These are travellers with eternal thirst for knowledge. They are tramps, mystics, visionaries, healers (Neptune is connected with medicines). On the highest spiritual level these are people with the capacity for ideal love. On the lowest level these are heavy drinkers and drug addicts. Those, who are born on the 27th moon day, have to master meditation, get cosmic knowledge, but they have to show much power of will in order to «cut off» the lowest world. Prayers will halp to do it, as well as verbal magic and white magic.

Influence on conception: if you are kind and gentle persons, then the baby will be alike. He or she may get strange diseases though and be inclined to infections. But some power will still guard him or her. In the future the life of your baby will be filled with caring for others. He or she will be a kind person. But don't misuse his or her patience. Because he may switch from being obedient and fair to punishing and insane.

Gems — purple transparent amethyst, emerald, adular, pink and maroon quartz, selenite.
>>28th lunar day. The Lotus. Day of insights and transformation. Good day