Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<27th lunar day. Trident. Intuition and discoveries, water procedures, be careful in outdoor water
The 28th Moon Day

The Action: giving.

The Symbol — lotus.

A positive day. The day of Sun, on which spiritual enlightenment is possible. One's soul is being undergoing alchemistry. A person may see his or her previous incarnations during night sleep or a meditation. The period of learning supreme truth, obtaining spiritual knowledge. The day of contemplation of all chakras and work with them. A good day for working with one's dreams, with one's astral body.

Mystical influence: the day of gifts and findings. You should work with the secret areas of your consciousness and logics. Work with your creativity. The day of working with dreams.

Social influence: very positive, especially when one is in good moods.

The first half of the day is less favorable. Danger, traumas and troubles may be incurred. There is a threat of arguments, health problems and decrease of vitality. You should not overload yourself on the first half of the day. The second half of the moon day is more favourable and allows to reflect on the past and get less nervous and hectic in your actions. Wise advice of your partners may prevent from troubles to come and protect you from ill-wishers. You should look deep inside yourself today and control your emotions. It is good to plant all useful herbs and crop kind thoughts. You are not recommended to chop trees, cull and give flowers. Keep juice diet.

It is very important to take care of your eyes: don't read a lot, don't look at the birhgt light. Those who suffer from insomnia, should look at mild light (during 5-10 minutes, the voltage of a lamp should be 15 watt.
This is the day of «earthly» deeds.

People, born on the 28th day, are very different. They should work with their dreams.

Medical influence: deseases are hard, especially for elderly people. Take special care of your head, your brain. Control blood pressure.

Influence on conception: a baby, conceived today, can tackle anything — they'll be successful. All the wold belongs to this person. Calmness and joy, self-understanding and cognition of secrets of the world in his or her heart. The secrets of the Sky and the Earth will always be with him. But there's a danger to be lazy.

Gems — chrysoprase, moonstone, milky opal, jade, aquamarine, amethyst, plasma.
Meditations: ideals, a candle.
>>29th lunar day. Octopus. Dangerous day, be responsible. Bad(satanic) day