Lunar Calendar

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<<3rd lunar day. Leopard. Defend your interests
The Forth Moon Day

The symbol — he tree of knowledge

The Action — Memory

It is better to spend this day in solitude. You should think twice before making any decision. This day is the first one in the series of negative ones. It has, in fact, two facets: both negative and positive. In the Western astrology it is considered the day of the fall from Grace. Hence the symbol of Adam's Apple, that got stuck in a throat.

Social influence: a bad day for a group work. Otherwise — neutral.

Everyday influence: slightly unfavorable provided that everything is well thought of. It is easy to weave, work with a thread, do flower gardening, walk about the nature. You can suddenly find the things that got lost a while ago. This is a good day for trade and a bad day for travels.

Medical influence: the deseases are severe.

Mystical influence: Any activity should be very well thought-out. This is the day to work with one's voice. Singing, karaoke, rap, etc. are recommended. This is the day of rememberance and prayers.
Tangled threads are a bad sign on this day.

It is better to spend this day in solitude and try not to make any hasty decisions: first you need to think it over. You are advised to concentrate on singing sacred songs. Group work is not favorable. You should not cut trees or flowers. A good day for weaving and raveling, walking in woods. If on the night, preceeding that day, you dream about threads or your hair gets tangled, you should refuse from your plans.

The success of people, born on that day greatly depends on their upbringing and family background. Their major weakness is egoism, which comes out of their sense that they lack protection. The people of that day carry some kind of secret, probably, the secret they don't know about. they cary some kind of cosmic mistery and it is highly advisable for them to intuitively open it.

Influence on conception: The birthday of a kindred. It is quite possible that someone of your ancestors comes back to you as your baby. The babies are very tender and sweet but may turn out to be lazy.

Gems: sardonyx, amazonite (brings joy to your home), greenstone.
Meditations: Voice.
>>5th lunar day. Unicorn. Express yourself actively