Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<4th lunar day. Paradise tree. You may face temptations
The Fifth Moon Day

The Action: nutrition.

The Symbol — unicorn as loyalty to one's principles and duties.

The first half of this day is not favorable, due to the increase of undecisiveness, confusions and lover self-belief. Conflicts or negative information from yesterday may affect your plans. Therefore, you'll need more awareness in the first half of this day and ability to cope with negative influences. Contacts with bosses and partners are complicated in the first half of this day. But the second half is much more favorable and helps get support from new colleagues, bosses and friends. Your sexuality is increasing — this day is good for romantic encounters.

Social influence: numerous impulses can get you off the track.

Everyday influence: The day is good for travels. The is the day of nutrition. Don't refrain from food, but don't eat too much. Don't fast. Pay greater attention to food on this day, because it symbolises beginning of assimilating food and its transformation. This is the only day when the food is consumed without leaving any astral residues. Thus, you should be guided by your instincts and eat whatever food you feel attracted to. That's what yogis do — they buy small portions of everything when shopping and eat it all. You should eat enough but not too much. The essential food of today should be milk and curd.

Mystical influence: a good day for crying. You should work with herbs, work on your diet. This is the day of endurance. You may argue about your principles, protect someone.

The people, born on that day, do not grow fat. Their special trait is fussiness. They are pretty strong. They should sort out all the information they get. They should not eat sour cabbage, pickled cucumbers. They should avoid products which start decaying.

Inflluence on conception: the people, that have been conceived on that day, have difficult life. They will encounter drastic changes in their lives — twice or three times. They may be chased by strong and cruel enemies. The people will be punished for all bad thoughts and actions. All the evil the person generates will be directed against him. Carma. But this child may develop extraordinary individuality.

Medical influence: the ilnesses of that day are sever and often fatal. Problematic day for intestine and digestive glands. Pay greater attention to your esophagus. Fasting is not recommended. Do not consume animal food.

Gems — turquoise, pink chalcedony, marble.
Meditation: food.
>>6th lunar day. The bird. Privacy, intuition is acute