Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<5th lunar day. Unicorn. Express yourself actively
The 6th Moon Day

The symbol — clouds, crane, sacred prophetic bird Ivick (Greek). The crane symbolises passive faminine nature.

The first sextile. A positive period. It allows for a person to express the one's abilities in various areas. Your fortune rises. Your ideas may take real shape. You have new opportunities for contacts and networking, new thoughts and ideas, which allow you to introduce more positive changes to your life. Your intuition and predicting abilities rise. You're more active in social and scientific life. However, you have to be more thoughtful in your contacts, because you have tendency to pressure other people.

This is the period of taking in and digesting the energies of Cosmos. Prophecies, transmission of thoughts, working with words, pranayama practices. You are recommended to work with scents, because it is only in the upper airway, as well as in the top part of lungs that the transformation of the cosmic energy, the prana, takes place. This is the day of obtaining the mercy and love. Reminds of forgiveness.

In older days people predicted the future by reading the signs of clouds. When the sky is clear or completely covered by the clouds, this means that the world lacks harmony. It is a good sign to see clouds, hear melodic ringing.

Mystical influence: The period of taking in and digesting the energies of the Cosmos. Prophecies, transmission of thoughts, pranayama practices.

Social influence: a happy day, positive for scientific work.

Everyday influence: a positive day for a group work. You can find lost and stolen things. Night dreams come true, but you are not supposed to tell anyone about them.

Medical influence: Those, who got sick on this day, recover quickly. You are recommended to work with bronchi, upper airway. A good day for rejuvenating procedures.

People, born on this day, are guides, transformers of cosmic energies. They have a high chance of living a long life and serve as prophets.

Influence on conception: the people will have long life and travel a lot. They will be searching for ideals, love freedom, understand the nature. It is highly positive, if conception takes place outdoors.

Gems — hyacinth, citrine.
>>7th lunar day. Windrose. Provocations, it is dangerous to lie