Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<6th lunar day. The bird. Privacy, intuition is acute
The 7th Moon Day

The Action: awakening.

The Symbol — rod, rooster, flower of the winds.

The first half of this day is positive and allows to implement ideas and plans, that were formed a day before. You have good chances to accomplish your plans. Others have more tendency to trust you. You've got high chances of finding new patrons, partners. You feel the support of family and friends. Fair amount of fuss and mismatches are possible in the second half of this Moon Day, which requires from you more concentration and responsibility. Otherwise, you may miss a lot of opportunities of the first half of this Moon Day.

This is a day of Avestan deity — fighting rooster Sraoshi (Sroshi), that performs the functions of the Archangel Michael.

Mystical influence: this is the time to work with Elements, Spirits of Nature, a day for praying and verbal magic. You are not supposed to lie on this day. If you cannot work verbally, it is better to keep silent, otherwise your lungs may get sick. The day to take care about books and records. It is good to perform asanas on arms, learn to speak without «dirty» words (i.e. junk words). It is good to have adventures on this day. You are not supposed to eat chicken, eggs. Try not to break tableware. You are neither recommended to tear books, paper, letters.

Social influence: Active successful day, bad day for criminals. The day of big provocations, up to crimes.

Everyday influence: a good day to buy things and get married. It is a bad sign to see a rooster in your dreams — this is the sign of a quick accident for you or your close ones.

Pay more attention to your lungs because you may easily catch cold today. A good day for surgeries, but it is least favorable for taking one's teeth out.

People born on this day are like weathercocks. They are superficial gossips. They have strong health though.

Influence on conception: Your child will protect justice. He or she may become a speaker, a doctor, a scientist. He or she may be an active and healthy person if they don't cheat. People of that day will travel a lot and sometimes may be endangered when travelling.

Gems — sapphire, bloodstone, coral.

Meditation: breathing.
>>8th lunar day. Fire. Day of repentance and purification