Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<7th lunar day. Windrose. Provocations, it is dangerous to lie
The 8th Moon Day

Action: Transformation.

Symbol — phoenix, a chest with treasures, fire, also peacocks, that bring misfortune.

The color — red-to-black (a color of waning fire).

The first quarter. A difficult period, because unresolved problems in relationships, as well as old plans and goals will require more time than you wish. Therefore, in order to be successful, you need to refuse from personal ambitions and try to attract new partners and associates. This is the time when relations in work teams change, which requires from you more reservation, discretion and good judgement. Within this day a transition to a new spiral turn of development is possible. So, you have to be petter prepared for that as well as ability to change the tactical pattern.

Mystical influence: this is the period of biochemical transformations, alchemy, the day of confession and absolution of past sins, purification with fire (which is fed by wood or string, like in a candle). In the course of chemical and alchemical transformations our body turns on subtle energies. The day of convertions, making medicines and potions. The day of exact sciences and working on oneself, on all planes and levels.

Social influence: an active day. Get ready for unexpected situations. A bad day for slow people. A good day for those, who are involved in law suits, for adventure type of people.

A good day for building a house, planning, replanning, changing layouts, moving furniture. Don't bathe and don't do laundry. Don't drink alcohol.

A good day for fasting, cleansing procedure for stomach and intestine. Also pay attention on peripheral nerve system. The day is good for making medicine for all deseases, especially complicated ones, those, which contain 108 or 72 components.

People, born on that day, have high capacity for mutations — they are alchemists, artists. The girls have very unique psyche and special mind. People, born on that day, do not like physical exercises. They save their energy.

Influence on conception: the child, conceived on that day, will have bright but hard life. Travels and returns. The person can be extremely happy or so unhappy that he or she shooses to stop living. Some people have very strong will. They can be reborn.

Meditations: fire, chemical reactions.
>>9th lunar day. The bat. Anxieties, illusions and bad news. Bad (satanic) day