Lunar Calendar

Multilingual lunar calendar based on the application for android

<<8th lunar day. Fire. Day of repentance and purification
The 9th Moon Day

The Action: spasm, poisoning

The symbol — bat.

A disharmonious period, which is often connected with deception, delusions, various complications in partnership, and adverse effects on one's health. You may feel you are not satisfied with people. You may try to avoid responsibilities or problems. However, spiritual people, that are capable of defending themselves against negative influences, may get rid of the old carmic programs and start a new period of spiritual renovation. You are in danger of getting into conflicts with your old partners, family and children.

Social influence: the day of bad luck. A dangerous day.A day of illusions, temptations, deceptions, poisoning. You may get bad, paionful night dreams (and you should not trust them). We only get bad signs on that day and you should be really attentive to those: carefully think and evaluate each and every sign. You need to clean your thoughts. Protect yourself against agressive shadow.

The strongest warning of that day is spilled milk. If a breastfeeding mother runs out of her milk, the baby will be punished. Avoind looking in a mirror or breaking it.

Everyday influence: a good day for gardening and travelling. A bad day for a wedding, studies and kitchen work. If your cactus blossoms on the ninth moon day — this is a good sign.

Mystical influence: a day of the most unfavorable events. Deceptions, pride, inappropriateness may ruin all beginnings. You are recommended to be passive, to control things and purify yourself.

Pressing sensation in your chest is a sign that you've accumulated a lot of problems and you should resort to a spiritual food, to your sources, to traditions.
You are recommended to perform all power asanas. A very effective thing would be to forgive a person that had had offended you.

Medical influence: the deseases of this day are dangerous, but easy to treat. Neuralgias are quite often on that day. Heart deseases get acute. The day of psychoanalititians, although psyche is overloaded on that day with a bunch of unresolved problems. Fobias and suicidal trends get more acute. Suicides and crimes happen quite often on that day. Serotonine level drops. Intoxications, poisoning, etc. Medically, pay attention to your chest. Prevent from intercostal neuralgia, breast pang.

People, born on that day, are very unhealthy. They often get intoxications. They've got bad balance of hormons, weak immune system. They get much use of cleasing treatments. They need to be sober. They always need to clean themselves and get rid of waste, both physical and astral.

Influence on conception: a bad day for conception. Your child may become dangerous for society. In other cases he or she will go through a lot of trials. Don't take this risk.
Gems — black pearl, alexandrite, раухтопаз (brings loneliness), green marble (attracts darkness).

Meditations: (not recommended) white background.
>>10th lunar day. Fountain. Active rest, good to start construction of the house